SCCM 2012 – cleaning up software update groups

Quite often, deployments will end up with software updates that become superseded and/or expired


You can tell this easily by going to the Software Update Groups (\Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\Software Update Groups) and seeing if any of their Icons change from good to bad

greenthis means everything is good

superthis means it contains one or more superseded updates

expired this means it contains one or more expired updates



Here you can see two of my SUGs have the 2nd symbol meaning they have some superseded updates




To clean this up easily, just go to the All Software Updates view (\Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\All Software Updates) and add criteria to filter:


deployed=yes + superseded=yes


Select every update that appears and right click > edit membership and uncheck everyone. This will remove them from all the Software Update Groups and make them



To clean up expired, filter by: deployed=yes + expired=yes



You can see my SUGs are happy and healthy (green) again





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