kb3034196 and SCCM 2012

I am seeing issues with this update and deploying it via SCCM. I packaged up all of Feb2015 updates and deployed them to my machines. All of the updates installed except for kb3034196.

When looking at the deployment status in the SCCM console, all of the machines showed as yellow ‘in progress’ after their maintenance window. I made sure to run the Software Update Deployment Evaluation Cycle AND re-run the summarization. Upon further investigation, if you right click on the machine in the deployment status and select ‘more details’ it shows all of the updates installed except kb3034196 – it is required.

3-4-2015 2-13-17 PM


At this point I spent the next week working on several different machines trying to get them to pull this update into software center. I restarted the client, rebooted the machine, ran and re-ran the Software Update Scan Cycle and nothing ever showed up in the Software Center.

So the console thinks the update is required but the client does not??

I found a few others with similar issues:



Most articles regarding this update stated you needed to run Windows Update twice for this update to install. I am not using Windows Update but I went ahead and removed it from my SUG in SCCM and added it to its own SUG (software update group) and deployed it against the same machines.

The result? The client now sees the update!

3-9-2015 9-10-55 AM


So in summary, this update needs to be packaged up with your March 2015 updates or sent out in its own standalone SUG (which is not necessarily desired in most organizations).


I will be including it in the March batch.



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