SCCM 2012 R2 – delete software updates

A few quick tips regarding managing software updates in SCCM 2012 R2:


1. You can use the WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard to clean up updates in SCCM 2012

2. to delete software updates, you must do it from the Deployment Package (NOT the catalog – this always trips me up)

* Be sure you have removed any SUG memberships before deleting the update from the Deployment Package!



  1. Hi ya
    Could you clean up a loads of wrongly created SUG by:
    going to All software Updates select all of them or the first 1000 Edit membership removed the membership of the groups you want to delete and then delete the SUG?
    Will that cause any problems?
    I have about 80 SUG that I want to delete.


    • Yes you could do that. Just be careful if you have any SUGs that you want to keep that you don’t mess them up. Sounds like you want to delete them all and start over.

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