WSUS not syncing April 2015 updates

EDIT [4.20.2015] : Microsoft has released a KB regarding this issue!


I logged into SCCM yesterday expecting to see the April 2015 patches pulled in and deployed (due to my ADR). Instead, I found that they were not. I spent the next two days attempting numerous manual syncs and parsing every log and event log trying to find something…. anything.

I found nothing. Not one error or indication that something was wrong. It just keep syncing and finishing telling me it was successful like it found nothing. The syncs would only take about 2 minutes or less each time.

4-16-2015 3-26-55 PM

The fun part is my test SCCM environment had already successfully pulled in the April 2015 updates – but prod won’t!

I finally stumbled across this post on technet where other users were experiencing WSUS sync issues. One user suggested:

1. Disable syncing Security Updates
2. Sync WSUS or SCCM environment
3. Enable syncing Security Updates
4. Sync WSUS or SCCM environment

Several users had success with this method. Here is the order in which I had to do it for it to work for me.

1. Disable all other update classifications besides security (as you can see, we are syncing Critical, Security, and Service Packs)

4-16-2015 3-27-42 PM

2. sync WSUS manually (nothing happened)

3. enable the other classifications you originally had

4. sync WSUS manually again (received error)

5. sync WSUS manually a second time – it worked!4-16-2015 3-27-33 PM

6. Finally, you will have to run a sync from SCCM so it syncs the new updates WSUS found.


I have no idea why this method works. I hope whatever strange issues Microsoft is dealing with on their sync servers are resolved before May 2015’s updates!


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