Updating BIOS on R730 – FAILED – job already present

I was attempting to upgrade the BIOS on an R730 from 1.3.6 to 1.5.4 – I kept getting a failed message when trying to upload the software – ‘job already present’


We tried rebooting, we tried unplugging the power cables, we tried upgrading the idrac to… none of this worked. Then a colleague found this article and it worked!
Note: it utilizes winrm via powershell. At the ‘delete all’ step I ran into an issue where it said ‘invalid use of command line’. Looking in the comments section I found someone else had the same issue and this was resolved by adding some single quotes in a specific spot:


try adding a set of single quotes around this section of the code ‘@{JobID=”JID_CLEARALL”}’.

So the full syntax will look like this;

## Use WinRM to delete all jobs
winrm invoke DeleteJobQueue "cimv2/root/dcim/DCIM_JobService?CreationClassName=DCIM_JobService+Name=JobService+SystemName=Idrac+SystemCreationClassName=DCIM_ComputerSystem" '@{JobID="JID_CLEARALL"}' -r:https://$IPADDRESS/wsman -u:$USERNAME -p:$PASSWORD -SkipCNcheck -SkipCAcheck -encoding:utf-8 -a:basic -format:pretty



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