vmtools 10.0.6 issue on Windows – ESXi v6 u2

We use netbackup for backups. It utilizes vmtools for snapshotting as a part of its backup process. We have been having issues with backups failing and with our vmtools slipping into the not running state. And subsequently, our backups failing… Continue Reading

SCCM 2012 – update application source / content

In order to update your application source, common sense would tell you to go to the application and redistribute the content (Software Library > Application Mgmt > Applications > double click your app > content locations > redistribute) Wrong! As… Continue Reading

SCCM 2012 – cleaning up software update groups

Quite often, deployments will end up with software updates that become superseded and/or expired   You can tell this easily by going to the Software Update Groups (\Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\Software Update Groups) and seeing if any of their Icons change… Continue Reading